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Starcharted Islands was developed during 7DRL 2021. It is a game of sailing a vast ocean to find small islands and archipelagos to hunt for treasure. Treasure maps and the stars in the sky guide you to not get lost.

Navigate with the wind and don't let the weather obstruct your mission. Evade pirate ships that try to steal your supplies, and make sure you don't run out of food. And always have a look up where you are.


*Vast ocean and small islands

*View the sea and the sky to navigate

*Constellations of alphabetical stars for orientation

*Wind depending acceleration and momentum

*Proc gen treasure maps

*Day/night/weather effects

*Don't follow the seagulls


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Is the green T character supposed to be a treasure? I stand on it and press 'g' but nothing happens.

I've been sailing around for 30 minutes but haven't figured out how to find a single treasure yet, even though I think I'm in roughly the right place. Is the goal to make the stars in the sky look exactly like what's on the map? Can multiple constellations use the same letter?

Hi irskep! The green Ts are just trees, the treasures are invisible in the world view. You have to have the sky matching exactly what's on the map and you have to be exactly at the spot of the red X. There is per game always only one constellation of a specific letter.

Interesting idea, but I have to admit that I have absolutely no clue how to play it. I see the stars, but...what are they telling me? It looks like a random scattering of letters. They don't seem to follow any order or pattern, so I have no idea how to even start searching. I've been grappling with this for a while now and I'm clearly not getting something. 

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Very good to bring this up! The stars in the sky for constellations. These constellations are way bigger than the small window you see from the sky on screen. This way you can navigate much bigger parts of the world, by anticipating the direction of the next star. To be able to anticipate the shape of the constellations, they have the shape of alphabetical letters. Stars of the character Y form a big Y in the sky, composed of many Ys, like you would draw it with dots. So when you see two Ys on screen, you should be able to tell, whether you are in the part '\' or '/' or '|' and therefore also where the other parts of the Y are. When you see only one Y on the screen, you can circle a bit around in search of the next Y and then you should know. Ys are quite easy, let's say a B has much more horizontal and vertical lines, that is a bit more difficult to follow and know whether you are close to the upper part or lower part.

Oh, I see! That does help a lot. Thank you. 

Very original game.
That was fun to find the first treasure :)
I don't think I would like a game with JUST treasure searching (after finding the first, there is nothing new), but I could see it as a quest.

But again that is one of the most original game I've tried in this jam.

Thank you so much! You are right about the narrow scope, that was for 7DRL, not sure whether I will ever find time to expand it :).

Nice entry. A very different take on the usual roguelike formula. My character got "stranded" even though I think I still had enough food.  Also resizing the window seems to be broken, (it lags far behind using the scroll wheel). Anyways, looking forward to seeing this game develop more!

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Thanks! "Stranded" should only happen, when you sail to fast into an island and cannot sail past it either. You have to slow down at least a bit to land :).

Lol, yeah I though I might have done that. I'll give it a try again later 👍